Online Kizomba Courses

Since end of August I have had my online kizomba courses live. There are four levels – from the beginner kizomba course to the advanced kizomba fusion course. All kizomba courses are available on Each one has between 14 and 17 separate kizomba classes, with theory and practice as well as some musicality.

In the beginner kizomba course we cover the basic steps, more fundamentals, all the rules for leading and following in both kizomba and kizomba fusion, as well as a first introduction to musicality, playing with slow moves.

In the improver kizomba course we keep building a nice foundation of kizomba. Classes include social rules on the kizomba dance floor, working with open positions, different combinations and working on flow in the dance. The most common mistakes leaders and followers do, as well as talk about the most important aspects of musicality. And, we also do some styling with the feet!

In the intermediate course in kizomba fusion we explain the differences between kizomba and kizomba fusion. All the techniques that are included in kizomba fusion but not in kizomba are explained with exercises and sequences – techniques like foot slides, pivots, syncopations, blocks and unsynchronised steps. In addition, we continue with more musicality.

In the advanced kizomba fusion course we keep building on techniques used in the intermediate level, but with a twist that makes it more advanced. We introduce “flips” in our skillset and keep working on musicality. Connection in the dance has it’s own focus, and there is a lot of material on combining the different techniques we use in kizomba fusion.

The FREE course with Tips & Tricks for kizomba and kizomba fusion gives a lot of tips about how to become more popular on the dance floor, how to get better balance, about the clothing/outfit when we dance, tips for lady saída and how to become lighter as follower. And also some tips about the biggest mistakes leaders and followers do.

If you get the bundles with several courses included you can also save some money! Take a look on the site at

Kizomba Classes Online – Live!

Finally, my kizomba courses online are live at! It has been a long wait! There are four levels, from beginner, via improver and intermediate to advanced. There is also a FREE course with Tips & Tricks if you want to check it out for a bit first.

I teach all levels together with kizomba/fusion/urban kiz superstar Mickaela Jalkteg, so there are definitely tips for both leaders and followers.

If you are interested in kizomba classes online, or to learn from some very experienced teachers who constantly travel the world to teach, take a look at!

Luck & Talent

Tropical beach
Right now I am living a dream life. I admit. Yes, it is sometimes tiring, yes I have to get up some very early mornings, and yes, I often don’t sleep enough.

But, I get to teach something (a dance: kizomba) I love all over the world. I get to meet amazing people, sometimes in places I never even expected to visit! Right now I am in Dominican Republic. As contrast, I have been in Siberia twice and I just got a booking for a small island in the Indian Ocean. I love this!

A couple of times per week people say I am lucky. And it might seem so. But, I always respond: No! It is not luck.

It is about taking chances.
It is courage.
It is hard work.

You have to give yourself the possibility to have “luck”. You have to expose yourself to “luck”, or what people in general think is luck. Instead of hesitating, do it. You need to give it a try. Take the jump. Work hard! Only then you have the chance to be there, at the right moment, prepared for what is going to happen. That’s what “luck” really is.

Quite often people also say I am talented. And yes, almost everything in life has been pretty easy for me so far. I “got” things fast – both in school, in sports and other parts of life.

But, the one thing that has made it possible for me to be where I am today, to do what I do, is not luck or talent. It is dedication. When I want to learn something, I do it for real. I go all in. I try to learn as much as I can and as fast as I can.

Dedication is much more important than talent in the long run. If you have both, great! But if you don’t have dedication, you will not become all you can be.

What does this mean for you? Well, whether you consider yourself lucky or unlucky, whether you consider yourself talented or untalented, you can get whatever you want! It takes taking chances, it takes courage and it takes a lot of hard work.

But if you really really want it, you can do it! You can get it! =)

Why we share – Emotional reasons

Besides pragmatic reasons and social reasons, we also share, spread word of mouth and viral content because it also boosts our ego. People are quite generous by nature. We like to share and we like to entertain. We like to be the one who make others laugh or discover something for the first time.

We like it because we know that we will be connected with the positive feeling the content brings the receiver. And we often want to be first to share it – the one who knows, the one who comes with the newest or the one who has that precious invite to an attractive service or tool.

If you want to learn more about Word of Mouth Marketing I can highly recommend this book.

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Why we share – social reasons

Today, we don’t only share vital information for pragmatic reasons, like where to find resources for survival. We also share, spread word of mouth and viral content for social reasons.

Information that connects us to others and build our reputation in some way. We like to share stuff that express who we are in some way or make us feel we belong.

Additionally, in a world where we don’t have time to keep up with all our “connections”, the act of passing something on is a very easy way to reconnect. It is a way to show that they are present in our minds.

If you want to learn more about Word of Mouth Marketing I can highly recommend this book.

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Why we share – pragmatic reasons

I believe word of mouth has evolutionary origins. Put simply, the human race benefited from telling family and friends about where the best roots and berries could be found, where the year around waterhole was, or where the best place to surprise an unsuspecting deer were. We share because we want to do good. And because deep in our minds we think we would get the favour back when in need – reciprocity in effect. So, we had pragmatic reasons for sharing. And this evolutionary advantage has persisted, and we are hard-wired to share tips. So, word of mouth continues and flourishes like never before.

In a way, something that goes viral can be seen as digital word of mouth. And thanks to the network effects of the Internet, the power of it is manifold. It can spread to innumerous people in the blink of an eye, and all across the world. It has been freed from time and space.

Turbo Charge Virality when trying to create a viral campaign

Long time no see here. There will be a change to that!

If you are trying to create a viral campaign there are two things you can do to turbo charge the effect of your efforts.

Increase R (the basic reproductive number) to create more spread.

A higher R always increases virality, and remember that the effect compounds, so a small increase in R gives you big results.

Shorten the viral loop.

This increases the speed of the cycle, or the viral loop, and increases viral spread. Or more accurate, it makes everything go faster. If there is some value to the recipient right away, when they first meet the content you have to offer, the loop gets a lot shorter. Then it is something that can be passed on immediately. If there is a long period for evaluation, the cycle slows down, and the risk of forgetting comes into play.

But, again, remember that shortening the viral loop just makes the total lifespan of the campaign go quicker. If it doesn’t have a high enough R, it will die out faster too.

If you want to learn more about viral marketing and contagious messages, here is a tip for a book I really like.

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Viral Marketing Toolkit – expanded and updated


Finally! It is ready, my expanded and updated version of the Viral Marketing Toolkit!

Have you ever dreamt about creating something viral? In this ebook you will learn viral triggers, tools and incentives to maximize the potential for viral spread of your content.

It is based on distilled research and more than 10 years of practical experience within digital marketing and strategy.

It goes through the background, 15 viral triggers, 4 different incentives and more. And you will get a lot of tips to think of regarding:

1. The target
2. The content
3. The incentives
4. The barriers
5. The seeding
6. Tracking, evaluation & improvement

And in the end, a quick “cheat sheet” to check off before you launch! =)

Right now it is only $9.99, so go ahead. The value is much higher!

To pay with credit card, go to:

The Customer Face Slap

I have been working out at the same gym for six or seven years – Balance Training in central Stockholm. As one of the more expensive gyms in Stockholm, my monthly fee has not been cheap, but getting in early saved me the high prices new members pay now. However, I have always been very satisfied. They have very nice staff, it’s clean, good equipment, good opening hours and so on. In short, I was very happy with the whole experience.

Nonetheless, I decided to try something new, and it was CrossFit at CrossFit Nordic. And since that isn’t cheap either, I wanted to cancel my membership at Balance.

And here comes what is standard practice, but what still surprises me. Balance has this 30 days notice, meaning I have to pay for one month more than I want to train. I cancel today, and want to quit training, but have to pay for one more month. Why?

It is strange that an experience that has been 100 % positive for me all of a sudden gets a bad taste. I don’t see any logical administrative reason for it. They will even charge for the days in next month that running are up to the 30 days after my call. It just seems like a last effort to squeeze some money out of a client.

It’s like a slap in the face to the customer who decides to leave, even if they were perfectly happy and would recommend the place up until then.

I don’t think I will ever understand businesses that put these kind of rules in place. Phone companies are even worse, usually with a 90 days notice.

No one likes a slap in the face! Got it?

Off topic: Something I bet most U.S. citizens don’t know

One of the books I am currently reading is Planet Ponzi, by Mitch Feierstein. I just started, but just felt I had so pass something on already. We know that wars cost a lot of money, and we all understand that the U.S. has spent a lot on wars in recent years, but this is just amazing and crazy at the same time.

The Joint Economic Committee of Congress placed the cost for the war in Iraq at around 3.5 trillion dollars ($3,500,000,000,000). That is approximately $31,250 per household in America.

Could you think of better things to use the money?

Adding up the cost for Afghanistan, we need to add onother trillion or so, or around $10,000-15,000 per household.

I wonder how many americans know this. Do you?