The Viral Company on Facebook Studio

February 7, 2012

For marketers looking for inspiration on what to do on Facebook I can recommend taking a look at Facebook Studio. There you can find cases on Facebook marketing from all over the world.  And I am very proud that the agency where I work, The Viral Company, occupies the top spot among Swedish agencies with […]

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Four topic areas to consider for word of mouth

October 4, 2011

People can talk about a lot of stuff that affects the bottom line of a business, some more and some less. I believe there are four different topic areas that could and should be considered when trying to create more word of mouth for a brand: The brand values – what the brand believes in […]

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Brilliant and gross

September 12, 2011

This is both brilliant and gross at the same time, with a very close connection to the movie’s theme. Via Brandflakes for Breakfast.

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Peace one day

August 17, 2011

Help spread the word further! It’s in about a month. Via Twistimage – Six Pixels of Separation.

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Exchangeable managers create exchangeable brands

August 10, 2011

Some brands always recruit from within. Others recruit from the outside. No doubt there are different advantages to both of these approaches, like experience with the product and corporate culture or bringing in new perspectives and experiences. But, what about passion? What kind of passion for Opel does a marketing manager who previously worked for […]

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Only people can have ethics

August 5, 2011

Two days ago we were reached by the news that an 11-year old girl had been dismissed from a train because she didn’t have a ticket, while her sister (with the ticket) were in the bathroom. The 11-year old was left on an empty station halfway, and was luckily taken care of by an older […]

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What if a restaurant…

July 31, 2011

… treats you as if you are on a family dinner, making sure you are satisfied not just with quality but also with quantity? … lets you try the plate before you decide, just like you try the wine? … lets you order not just what’s on the menu, but what you really feel like? […]

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The predecessor to BlendTec

June 17, 2011

BlendTec has had some tremendous successes with their viral clips on the theme Will it blend? Among them the iPad, the iPhone and (imitation) Diamonds. Here is the BlendTec predecessor it seems. And really, this Machine Destroys everything!

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Facebook’s Edge-rank, the social graph and the implications for businesses

May 31, 2011

The more information that is out there on the Internet, the more we need filters to sift through it, to get what is most relevant to us. More and more sites like Google and Facebook try to solve this for us by using information from our social graph to feed us the information that is, […]

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Magnum Pleasure Hunt – I love it!

April 14, 2011

This is really, really well made! Very impressive execution! Very nice integration of other brands, which did it for free in exchange for the free attention. Of course you can challenge a friend via Facebook or email, or share your results on Facebook or Twitter. Great concept and brilliant execution! According to Dagens Media, the […]

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