A chance to make up for a forgotten Valentine’s gift

There is still some time left, so if you want to do something extra, if you don’t have time, or if you actually end up fouling up, forgetting all about it until it’s almost too late, here is a chance to make it up for Valentine’s. It might not get you entirely out of trouble, but it will hopefully cushion your fall.

Animoto has created a little campaign where you can upload images and get your own personal Valentine’s music video greeting. See the promotional example.

This is one of those campaigns (found via TechCrunch) that take advantage of the seasonal event or a specific holiday to create a viral effect. I haven’t tried this one out all the way, so I can’t vouch for it 100%, but I think it might actually work pretty well.

And, it will probably give Animoto a little boost. =)

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