Four topic areas to consider for word of mouth

People can talk about a lot of stuff that affects the bottom line of a business, some more and some less. I believe there are four different topic areas that could and should be considered when trying to create more word of mouth for a brand:

  1. The brand values – what the brand believes in and stands for.
  2. The offer – the actual product or service offered.
  3. The customer care – how the customer is treated in contact with the company after the sale.
  4. The advertising – what is portrayed in the brand’s communication.

I believe the first three of them are more important than the fourth. Advertising needs the other ones to be working on a longer term, but the other three can create word of mouth that leads to a prosperous business on a long term all on their own. That said, to create a really strong brand, it needs to help individuals or groups build identity. The brand needs to satisfy higher level needs, so it needs to stand for something, and the brand values should be part of the equation.

And as always, what needs to be achieved for all four is something that is “remarkable” – something worth making a remark about.

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Kristofer Mencák has a M.Sc. in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. He is a consultant, author and lecturer on social media, viral marketing and word of mouth. He has also recently been travelling the world teaching the dance kizomba.

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