MILFyourself – a spoof on ElfYourself

OfficeMax got a huge success with ElfYourself (not active anymore) around christmas 2008 (193 million visits).

Being an obvious spoof, the site is trying to ride that popularity.

It is clear that they have not made the first of Kodak’s two mistakes on the MakeMeSuper campaign. They have managed to keep the viral loop intact – the link you send to friends works fine and they actually do a pretty good job of encouraging the users to send it on to more people as well as providing the link itself, for posting on blogs, communities and so on.

But, they seem to make Kodak’s second mistake too – not enabling people to create satellites of content by offering people to embed the video on other sites. This site is lacking that option too.

Here is my movie. Not the hottest MILF on the block maybe, but pretty decent! 😉

I can’t tell who’s behind the site, except that Nedia Investments seems to hold the copyrights.

Here’s an explanation of the slang term MILF.

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