Turbo Charge Virality when trying to create a viral campaign

Turbo Charge Virality when trying to create a viral campaign

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If you are trying to create a viral campaign there are two things you can do to turbo charge the effect of your efforts.

Increase R (the basic reproductive number) to create more spread.

A higher R always increases virality, and remember that the effect compounds, so a small increase in R gives you big results.

Shorten the viral loop.

This increases the speed of the cycle, or the viral loop, and increases viral spread. Or more accurate, it makes everything go faster. If there is some value to the recipient right away, when they first meet the content you have to offer, the loop gets a lot shorter. Then it is something that can be passed on immediately. If there is a long period for evaluation, the cycle slows down, and the risk of forgetting comes into play.

But, again, remember that shortening the viral loop just makes the total lifespan of the campaign go quicker. If it doesn’t have a high enough R, it will die out faster too.

If you want to learn more about viral marketing and contagious messages, here is a tip for a book I really like.

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