DDB Brazil and WWF in trouble

There has been a lot of talk these last couple of days about an ad made by DDB Brazil, supposedly for WWF. It even won an award in the One Show. WWF first said they denied approval of the ad, but have later come around and said they did actually approve the ad.

Now, there’s a video too, which I guess will get some viral spread. The first one I saw was already taken down. Here’s another: (Update: yet another)

If it’s taken down too, you can maybe see it on Adweek or Adage. And here’s the ad.

This is a very strong visual, which conveys an important message about saving our planet. At the same time, I can understand that people are offended by it. 9/11 was a horrible event, and I suffer with everybody who was affected by it.

Kristofer Mencák has a M.Sc. in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. He is a consultant, author and lecturer on social media, viral marketing and word of mouth. He has also recently been travelling the world teaching the dance kizomba.

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