Facebook required changes to Whopper Sacrifice

I recently wrote about Burger Kings campaign Whopper Sacrifice, a Facebook application where you could de-friend 10 “friends” on Facebook and get a free Whopper.

Now it seems Facebook has required changes to the application due to privacy issues, according to Inside Facebook.

“Facebook has clarified that it has not shut the app down – it still exists – but rather it has required the developer to remove its functionality for violating “users’ expectations of privacy.” Normally, no notification is sent when a user removes a friend on Facebook. However, the Whopper Sacrifice application sent a notification to the friend being removed letting them know they were being “sacrificed for a Whopper” before finalizing the removal.”

Without this notification, the application will lose much (all?) of it’s viral potential, but on the other hand, the fact that Facebook interfered will probably trigger spillover about this to other media, which will write about it and create publicity for Burger King.

Techcrunch also writes about it.

Via: Martin Spanar.

Update: Resumé also writes about it (in Swedish)

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