Empowered Involvement

Walter Carl wrote about Empowered Involvement, (quite) some time ago – something Oetting and Jacob at European School of Management has been researching.

From the site about Empowered Involvement:

Empowered Involvement is a new scientific approach in business research and practice, focusing on how advertisers interact with consumers and customers. As traditional advertising approaches are losing effectiveness – amidst a revolutionary change in the media landscape, under pressure from globalisation and pulled into all directions by increasingly demanding customers – marketers need to find new ways to create meaningful links with customers, stakeholder, consumers and the public in general.


…so far, no scientific analysis has tried to find out what practically needs to be done with a brand community, with a VIP consumer panel, or with a corporate blog readership, in order to stimulate more of that coveted word of mouth activity. Empowered Involvement aims to fill this gap…

Just like Walter Carl writes, it would be very interesting to, qualitatively, see what exactly triggers people to be more active in spreading word of mouth. As always, I want to believe that word of mouth is fundamentally based in good products/services, and good service. If a company also succeed, through communication and consistent behaviour, to make the customer feel something similar to what they feel for a good friend – that they trust the company, believe in it and feel that it also listens in some kind of dialogue, then I think profits will come very soon.

Via Fredrik Wackå.

(This is a translation of a previous post on my swedish blog)

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